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Well Worth the Price

Ground Water Pump Systems provides high quality work for a very reasonable price; however, the price of a properly designed water system will generally be higher than a "standard, over the counter, generic system". One of these "canned" products, purchased through a vendor that has not necessarily looked into the detail of the project before providing pricing, could fall significantly short of the customer's expectations of what the "Water System" is supposed to do.

Why? Because all water wells have similar yet very different capacities to provide for the net end uses. The state, for instance, will only allow for specific pumping rates on many water wells that are not to be exceeded. This requirement makes for a very difficult problem when the house usage exceeds the rate allowed. Often times the water quality can change with specific drawdown characteristics of the well. Over pumping the well can result in water of a lesser quality. We take these many issues into account and design each system around the property needs, site restrictions, well production, well construction and completion, static water levels, and the individual requirements of the net end user.  We strive to design a solution that will serve the family or facility that will ultimately depend on the water system for many years to come.

Sure, when cost becomes the primary motivation, we can provide a generic, one size fits all approach to the equation. But in doing so we have found the savings realized are actually quite insignificant when weighed against the potential long term problems that can result.

Our prices can fluctuate according to time, demand, shipping, and market related shortages or manufacturing prices. Please e-mail us if you are interested in a quotation!

For all custom design work (Fee based or Hourly), we do require a non disclosure agreement and a 50% deposit on the anticipated design fee prior to starting. The remaining 50% due upon mutually satisfactory completion. The total development cost is rolled into the cost of the project should you decide to use our installation services. Just prior to our sending you the completed design we will place all custom work online in a private directory for your review and approval during the various phases of development and design.






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