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Since 1969 Doing Business As

Mountain Pump And Supply

Boulder Valley Pump

Lyons Pump

Colorado Drilling and Pump Installation License #1206


Hedgerow Farms Project

All water and electrical piping was strategically placed to ensure the pre-fabricated building could be lowered into place once backfilled.

Directional drilling allowed for thousands of feet of pipe installation without the need to tear up the property excavating waterlines.

The pre-fabricated building was constructed at Front Range Pre-Cast  and erected on site in a day.

The building rests on top of the irrigation cisterns, pulling water directly through filtration before it is delivered to the property.

Berkeley  250 Gallon-per-minute Pump mated with a Franklin 20 HP motor provides a sustained 250 gallons-per-minute @ 100 PSI.

A special pump sleeve was constructed to keep the motor cool and allow the 400 lb pump to the easily serviced and replaced using a pump rig.


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