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Hedgerow Farms Project

The first of four 3600 gallon, drive-able lid cisterns is set.  This tank, mated with a twin holds the irrigation water after passing through the filter-bed.

Final tank set and leveled, with all four tanks combined to provide a total of 14,400 gallons of storage capacity with the ability to draw on all four tanks simultaneously for fire protection.

The filter-bed removes sediment from the irrigation ditch with a 12 inch clean out valve allowing for complete filter-bed backwash and cleaning..

The filter bed's  6 inch internal piping imbedded in river rock  allows water and microscopic particulates to pass through, removing larger debris.

A dug well supplements the irrigation ditch, directionally drilled water pipe and electrical conduit 1/4 mile from the cisterns.

Directional drilling allowed for several service points throughout the property, providing water and electrical access to the system.


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