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Since 1969 Doing Business As

Mountain Pump And Supply

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Colorado Drilling and Pump Installation License #1206



Individual Project Featuring Dual Alternating Aquavar and Complex Water Treatment.

Exclusive Colorado Residence. Provided 70 GPM for 6 bathrooms  and 6 bedrooms at 65 PSI constant pressure.  Double Goulds Aquavar control set and two 2400 gallon cisterns. Photo taken from well 1200 feet away from house.

1400 foot deep well pumps through water treatment before going to underground storage set. Custom design Whole house R/O and calcite bed with dual alternating reionator. Returns to house through 100 GPM Ultraviolet disinfection.

Aquavar controllers take single phase power and convert it to three phase to effectively provide constant pressure and substantial energy savings with soft start and run scenarios.

After Chlorine injection and Dual Reverse Osmosis system we re-inject minerals into the water to bring the PH back to appropriate levels. Residual chlorine is removed on return loop.

A commercial grade reverse osmosis units running parallel function to automatically alternate and backup. This system provided very high quality water.

Pool water was returned from the control loop and through an individual UV sterilizer. Irrigation water is treated with citric to provide a water quality the plants will enjoy....


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