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Since 1969 Doing Business As

Mountain Pump And Supply

Boulder Valley Pump

Lyons Pump

Colorado Drilling and Pump Installation License #1206



Individual Projects Aquavar and Water Treatment.

Individual home with very low water pressure from the city supply. Provided 8 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms at 65 PSI constant pressure using a single Goulds Aquavar control set.

1200 gallons inside storage with submersible pump to provide boost to existing system. Can bypass if needed to run on city supply.

The tanks are stand alone preformed plastic with the center section molded for additional support. A special designed platform was built to allow for the tanks support to grade.

Aquavar controllers take single phase power and convert it to three phase to effectively provide constant pressure and energy savings with soft start and run scenarios.

High end residential system using two Aquavar controllers running lead lag function to automatically alternate and backup. This system provided 8 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms at 65 PSI constant.

Water treatment system for treated well water to fill an 8000 gallon cistern for commercial use. This water is then pumped 4500 feet to another larger system to provide water for several hundred people.


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