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Drilling Project For Global Climate Change Research Fort Yukon Alaska .(Click on pictures for larger view)

The drill rig, support equipment, and many supplies were shipped from Nenana Alaska Up the Tanana River to the Yukon River. The barge trip up river took nearly two weeks.

The trip up river was slowed often by the flow of the river itself. Many days the current would be much stronger than others with runoff and progress would be slowed accordingly.

The Core that we obtained with the project was flown out on a chartered DC-3. The Village of Fort Yukon is 8 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is only accessible by plane or boat.

When the drilling was done all the core recovered was boxed and shipped back to Denver for research. These boxes were the culmination of several years of planning and implementation.

The place we stayed was a Long range Radar Facility in Fort Yukon. The facility was very well equipped and modern by most standards.

The Indian village was called Fort Yukon. It is a mostly Athabaskin Indian population. The living conditions were reminiscent of the old west. Very nice little town in rural Alaska.


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