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Colorado Drilling and Pump Installation License #1206


 (Click on picture for larger view)

Emergency Water Well And Pumping System For The United States Coast Guard On the Island Of Attu.

Total On Site Project Time Two Weeks.   (Click on picture for larger view)

The drill rig and many supplies were shipped from Anchorage Alaska out to the island of Attu on a fuel supply ship. The supply ship only goes to the island once per year.

The fuel supply ship dropped a small boat off and then put the rig onto that boat to get it to shore. The rig is 50 feet long and weighs 70,000 pounds. The big ship was very impressive.

The Coast Guard Station is supplied by a C-130 transport every two weeks when weather allows. We had to complete the project within a two week window and be ready to fly equipment out.

When the drilling was done and the water system installed the drilling rig was disassembled into two groups of 35,000 pounds each to allow us to fly it out on two separate C-130s.

The truck portion of the drill rig was a very tight fit into the stretch  C-130. We had to let most of the air out of the front and rear tires   to allow us that extra few inches needed to squeeze it in.

It was very tight as the pictures show. This plane flew to Fairbanks and then on to the Air-Force base there for reassembly of the drilling equipment so we could drill another day.


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